It’s finally springtime in Naperville – is your John Deere lawn mower ready for the season? Call A & G Rental today for John Deere Repair Naperville at 630-820-0770.

John Deere Repair Naperville, IL

John Deere Repair Naperville, IL

Although John Deere’s line of lawnmowers are certainly well-built, durable machines, on occasion they could benefit from service by the experienced technicians here at your local small engine repair shop on Schoger Drive in Naperville.

After a full winter season of being parked in your garage or storage shed, it’s not uncommon for lawnmowers to have some trouble starting. In many cases, the engine will start only to function inconsistently. If your mower doesn’t seem to run like it should, bring it on into A & G Rental for expert and affordable John Deere Repair Naperville. We’re ready to perform timely repairs on your John Deere mower regardless of the model and year. Our techs will check the oil, plugs, air filter, belts and check and recharge your mower’s battery. Our John Deere Repair Naperville service also includes blade sharpening or replacement if necessary to keep your mower at peak efficiency.

Stay Safe This Lawn Mowing Season

Before starting up your lawnmower it’s a smart idea to read through the manual as a refresher. Remember to only add fuel before starting it – not when it’s running or if it’s still hot.

*When operating your John Deere lawnmower, use work gloves, sturdy footwear, long pants and safety eyewear. Don’t mow your lawn in open-toe footwear or barefoot.

*Do not drink alcohol, text or talk on your smartphone while operating your mower.

*Even when the mower is not running, do not touch your mower’s blades. If grass, sticks or debris is obstructing it, the blade can still get loose and move suddenly.

If you’re in need of John Deere Repair Naperville, bring it into the small engine experts at A & G! We’re easy to find at 10S241 Schoger Drive. For other inquiries or to set an appointment call 630-820-0770.