Lawnmower Repair Near Me

Lawnmower Repair Near Me

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Your lawnmower is the most important equipment you need for keeping your yard in good shape. Rider lawn mowers (or “zero-turn” mowers) make yard work much more convenient and fairly easy for anyone. However, if your lawnmower is not functioning correctly now it will probably get worse until it stops working completely. If you’re in Naperville or other neighboring communities and you’re looking for fast, affordable Lawnmower Repair Near Me, bring your unit to A&G. We’re a leading provider of professional repairs that will restore your machine to good condition.

A few common signs that your mower probably needs some maintenance include:

Trouble starting. You may be used to pulling your mower’s startup cord a couple of times to get the motor to fire up. If you are not able to start your mower within four or five pulls, however, it’s a pretty sure indication that something is not functioning correctly.

Weird noises. Your mower’s motor should have a fairly smooth sound as it is running. If you can hear any abrupt changes in the sound of your lawnmower’s motor, don’t delay to bring it on in to A&G Repair & Rental for fast Lawnmower Repair Near Me.

Using too much gas. If you observe that you have to keep refilling your lawnmower’s fuel tank more and more frequently, there may be a few different reasons. A gasoline leak is a possible safety hazard, which is naturally why a sudden change in consumption usually calls for prompt attention. It is also an indication that the motor is not running efficiently. In this case, bring it to our shop for Lawnmower Repair Near Me.

Smoke coming from the engine. A fairly low amount of exhaust is usually not a cause for concern, but if you are seeing lots of smoke coming from your mower’s exhaust opening or from somewhere else on the unit, turn it off and bring it to A&G for Lawnmower Repair Near Me.

Not cutting the grass. This is another obvious sign of the need for Lawnmower Repair Near Me. Whether the unit’s blades are not rotating correctly or the motor is faltering, if your mower is not getting its job done correctly it’s time to get it fixed or consider replacing it.

Lawnmower Repair Near Me – Helpful Tips for a Healthier Yard

*If your schedule allows (and your neighbors won’t mind) cut your grass in the morning or in the early evening hours. Try to mow when your grass is dry so your mower will work better.

*Stick to the “rule of thirds”. Set your lawnmower’s blades to a height that cuts the upper third of the grass blades. This also helps to encourage better root growth.

*Bring your mower to A&G Repair for blade sharpening. Sharp blades make a clean, even cut. Dulled blades, however, will just rip away at grass. This can result in a discolored look for your yard. We can sharpen up your mower’s blades for better cutting.

*Leave the cut grass clippings on the lawn when you’re done as a basic type of mulch. Cut grass clippings have nutrients and can reduce the need for fertilizers. Mulching mowers are made to cut the grass small enough so it distributes into the connected grass canopy. Standard discharge mowers will generally not create a grass clipping problem if you adhere to the handy one-third rule. It’s also suggested that you change direction every time you cut your grass.

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