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Your lawnmower is your most essential piece of equipment for maintaining your home’s yard in good condition. Riding lawn mowers or “zero-turn” lawn mowers can really make routine yardwork convenient and relatively easy. But if your mower malfunctions or underperforms, it has an immediate effect that calls for a solution right away. At A&G, we provide affordable Naperville Lawnmower Repair that will have your machine back in action in no time. Here are a few signs that are sure indicators that your machine is due for some maintenance.

Naperville Lawnmower Repair

Naperville Lawnmower Repair

Strange noises. Your lawnmower’s engine should sound smooth when it’s running – with no sputtering or clunking. If you hear any sudden changes in the sounds coming from your mower, don’t hesitate to bring it in to our shop for affordable Naperville Lawnmower Repair and have our service techs take a look.

Difficulty starting. You might be accustomed to pulling on your lawnmower’s starter cord a few times until it fires up. But if you can’t consistently start your machine within three or four attempts, it’s a certain sign that something isn’t working correctly and should have Naperville Lawnmower Repair.

Consuming too much fuel. If you find that you must keep refilling your mower’s fuel tank more frequently than you used to, there could be a number of different causes. A fuel leak is a hazardous possibility, which is why a change in fuel consumption calls for immediate attention. It’s also a sign that the engine isn’t performing at top efficiently and would benefit from Naperville Lawnmower Repair.

Smoke coming from the engine. A minor amount of exhaust is no cause for alarm, but if you’re seeing a lot of smoke coming out of your machine’s exhaust opening or elsewhere, stop using it and bring it in to our shop for Naperville Lawnmower Repair.

Not cutting grass. Obviously, this would be a sign that your lawnmower needs maintenance. Whether the mower’s blades are not turning or the engine is malfunctioning, if your machine isn’t getting the job done it’s time to seek Naperville Lawnmower Repair or consider replacement.

If your lawn mower is showing the signs of age, A&G Repair & Rental will get it running efficiently again.

Lawnmowing Tips for Healthier Grass

*If your schedule permits, mow your yard early in the morning or during the early evening. Also, do it when the grass is dry because your lawnmower will function better and there is less chance of spreading plant diseases.

*Follow the rule of thirds. Set your mower’s blades to a height that will cut off the top third of the grass. This helps encourage stronger grass root growth.

*Keep your mower’s blades sharp. Sharper blades make for a clean and even cut. Dull blades, on the other hand, tend to simply rip or tear away at the grass. This can lead to a brownish look to your lawn after mowing it. As part of Naperville Lawnmower Repair, we can sharpen your machine’s blades for optimal performance.

*Leave grass clippings on the yard when you’re finished to serve as a basic form of mulching. Grass clippings contain a lot of nutrients and can lessen the need to apply fertilizers to a yard by as much as 25 percent. Mulching lawnmowers are designed to cut the grass clippings small enough to distribute into the attached grass canopy. But even conventional discharge lawnmowers will not result in a clipping problem if you stick to the one-third rule. It’s also recommended that you switch directions each time you mow your grass. Changing mowing patterns also decreases wear and tear on the yard.

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