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Did you have problems with your snow blower last winter? If so, A&G has the affordable solution. Just like any other type of motor-powered appliance, your snow blower requires consistent maintenance and timely Naperville Snow Blower Repair when needed. On this page we’ll present a few signs that your machine is malfunctioning and what the likely causes may be.

Naperville Snow Blower Repair

Naperville Snow Blower Repair

Trouble starting. The cause for this common problem could be a defective spark plug. Look at your machine’s spark plug to check for cracks or other signs of damage. If the spark plug is, in fact, damaged or not getting an adequate spark, it’s possible it should be replaced or the machine could have a bad ignition coil.

Old fuel. Check to see if leftover gasoline from last winter is still sitting in your snow blower’s fuel tank. If so, drain the old fuel it by disconnecting the fuel line that’s between the fuel tank and the carburetor.

Not blowing snow. An accumulation of snow in a snow blower’s discharge chute is a typical problem for many machines. This can prevent snow from properly clearing. Switch off your machine and clear away any snow that’s collecting in the chute.

Faulty impeller. Your snow blower’s impeller is the component that directs snow through the chute. If the impeller is bent or jammed, the machine simply won’t work as it’s supposed to. If your machine’s impeller is broken, call A&G to schedule Naperville Snow Blower Repair.

Worn down scraper bar. This is a fairly problem with single stage snow blowers. A worn down scraper bar won’t clear away snow as effectively a bar in good condition. If this is the issue with your machine, call us at A&G to schedule Naperville Snow Blower Repair.

Augur not rotating. When this important component stops turning it’s probably due to a
broken shear pin or broken bolt. Our service techs can check out your machine if the augur isn’t turning and make the appropriate Naperville Snow Blower Repair.

Faulty fuel filter. To resolve this common snow blower problem, take a look at the connections between your machine’s fuel filter and filter housing. If it’s cracked it should be replaced. Additionally, check out the fuel pump to assure the fuel and pulse line are securely on the fuel pump.

Wheels not turning. Take a look at the wheels of your snow blower prior to using it. If you spot a flat tire or a damaged rim we can Naperville Snow Blower Repair or replace it for you promptly and at affordable rates.

Faulty cogged belt and V-belt. These parts are connection between the machine’s engine and its gearbox. If either one of these belts is faulty, the snow blower’s wheels will not be able to turn. Carefully inspect each belt on your machine for signs of wear and tear.

Faulty drive disk. The drive disk typically has an outer rubber layer that secures and turns the machine’s drive plate. If the drive disk is worn down or too greasy it can start to slip out of position and won’t turn properly. As a result, naturally, your snow blower’s wheels won’t turn either. A&G’s service techs can either clean or replace the drive disk to restore correct function through expert Naperville Snow Blower Repair.

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