Do you need some assistance with your pressure washer? At A & G Repair & Rental, Pressure Washer Repair is one of our areas of expertise. Whatever the make or model of your washer, our experienced team can fix it for you.


Listed below, you’ll find some commonly reported problems experienced with pressure washers that we can solve:

  • The washer won’t start. Causes could range from spark plug wear or a clogged carburetor to a defective ignition coil. Our techs will quickly analyze the problem and provide speedy Pressure Washer Repair at affordable rates
  • The washer is “running rough.” Sometimes a pressure washer will start up adequately but still not seem to function at its best
  • The washer starts briefly then shuts off. There’s a variety of reasons this could be happening. We will resolve this frustrating problem so your machine runs reliably
  • The washer starts but the soap injector doesn’t work. We have the expertise and replacement parts needed to resolve this
  • Your pressure washer simply has no pressure. This may be a sign that your machine needs a new pump. Also, we’ll check the hoses to make sure there are no blockages impeding the machine
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A & G Repair & Rental provides quick turnaround for our valued customers and unmatched support for any problems you’re having with your pressure washer.

Whether you purchased your machine from a local hardware store or a large, bog box retailer, you’ll discover that A & G Repair and Rental is your “all-in-one” solution for Pressure Washer Repair. We’re a local shop here in Naperville with over 12 years of experience in small engine repair. Once you use our reasonably-prices services just once, you’ll see why so many customers have come to rely on us for Pressure Washer Repair and other services for lawnmowers, snowblowers, tractors and other appliances.

A & G Repair & Rental is located at 10 S 241 Schoger Drive in Naperville. For questions about our Pressure Washer Repair or other services, contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at 630-820-0770.

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