A & G Repair & Rental provides reliable, safe Propane Refill service for Naperville, Aurora, Bolingbrook, Warrenville and many other area communities. Just like you can rely on our expertise in lawnmower, tractor, snowblower and small engine repair, you can count on us for quick and convenient Propane Refill.


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  • We sell by the gallon and only charge for the propane that goes into your tank – no hidden fees!
  • We can refill tanks for your grill or larger tanks for your recreational vehicle.
  • Propane Refill with A & G Repair and Rental is convenient – bring in your tank the next time you visit us for service to your lawnmower or other small engine equipment

For convenient, affordable Propane Refill in Naperville and the nearby communities in DuPage or Will County, bring in your tank to A & G Repair & Rental. We’re at 10S241 Schoger Drive in Naperville. Call us for directions, for more information on Propane Refill or for our many small engine repair services at 630-820-0770.

propane refill service naperville, il


Propane Facts:

Did you know that propane has been a big part of energy in the U.S. more than 100 years? Propane is simply a byproduct of oil refining and natural gas processing. Propane is a clean burning alternative to diesel or gasoline fuel that reduces air pollutants like carbon monoxide. Nontoxic, odorless and colorless, propane is most typically used for space heating or water heating, and as engine fuel for applications such as forklifts or generators.

According to the Propane Education and Research Council in Washington, D.C., propane is used in more than 48 million households in the U.S.! Because it’s such an efficient and dependable source of energy, propane is also used by more than 800,000 farms across the nation to power irrigation engines and other equipment.

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