Good maintenance of a tractor can add many years to its effective lifespan, just as it does to cars or other motor-driven appliances. But there are some fundamental differences between maintaining a tractor and other vehicles. In addition, because there are so many different brands and types of tractors, there is no all-in-one maintenance guide that applies to all tractors. At A & G Repair and Rental in Naperville, we have expertise in Tractor Repair and can get yours back in good condition promptly. We are experienced with many different brands and stay updated on the latest Tractor Repair practices.


Here some basic maintenance steps you can take that will keep your riding lawn mower functioning efficiently:

  • Follow the suggestions in the owner’s manual. This may sound obvious, but manufacturers provide instructions for basic but specific care of their products
  • Safeguard your riding lawn mower from the elements if possible. Since most garden or small lawn tractors don’t have a cabin to protect the instrument panel from heat, cold, rain and snow, it’s helpful to park it in a shed or garage. If this isn’t possible, cover the instruments, exhaust system and seat

  • Check fluids. Just like it’s essential to check the oil level in your car’s engine, it’s important to check oil, transmission, coolant and other fluids that keep your machine in good condition.

  • Check the tires. Sometimes it’s not easy to see if riding mower tires are low on air pressure. Check the tires regularly to ensure optimal efficiency

  • Check belts, hoses. If your lawn tractor’s hydraulic system has fittings or connections that leak, the fluid loss can lead to steering failure and other problems

  • Keep brakes in good order. Make sure your riding lawn mower brake linkages are correctly adjusted and lubricated

  • Check filters. Keep an eye on your riding mower filters to be sure they are replaced before getting too clogged and dirty

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