A snowblower is one of those devices that we tend to overlook sometimes until that morning after a snowfall that’s leaves your driveway totally covered and inaccessible. That’s when you need it to start up promptly and function as it should. If your snowblower hasn’t been working correctly – or simply won’t start at all – don’t hesitate to bring it in to A & G Repair & Rental.


We’re the industry experts at speedy Snowblower Repair! Call us at 630-820-0770 for any of the following:

  • Need a tune-up? We can give your machine a tune-up that includes an oil change, air filter replacement, battery test and more that will restore it to optimal condition. We can also replace or adjust belts as needed.

  • Does the engine shut down? If the engine only runs for a short time, it could be a problem with the carburetor. We’ll find what’s causing the engine to shut off and make Snowblower Repair quickly.

  • Is your snowblower simply not clearing snow adequately? This could be due to a problem with the augur, chute, drive belt, or control cable.

  • Is the engine running “rough?” An ignition system failure, carburetor issue, or valve problem could be culprit here. Our techs will analyze the problem and get started promptly on Snowblower Repair for you.

  • Is your snowblower not self-propelling correctly? We can restore your snowblower’s self-propel feature to good condition so you can clear your driveway or sidewalk as efficiently as possible.

  • Will your snowblower simply not start? This common cause for Snowblower Repair could be due to a number of factors. Our service techs are trained in every facet of small engine repair and can get your machine back to good order quickly.

snowblower repair naperville, il


A & G Repair & Rental provides quick turnaround for our valued customers and unmatched support for any problems you’re having with your snowblower.

For all your Snowblower Repair needs, come on in to our Naperville shop and experience the great service we’ve been providing since we opened back in 2005!

Call A & G Repair and Rental at 630-820-0770 for more information or to set an appointment.

a & g snowblower repair naperville, il